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Our Vision and Mission

We want to establish Defined Health Care Services I & II LLCs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a first-rate assisted living healthcare facility that provides top-tier assistance to our residents. To achieve this, our team shall maintain the highest standards of quality in terms of our amenities and services.

We will provide our residents with the maximum possible level of independence based on their particular physical capabilities. Our staff will honor and celebrate what makes our residents unique. We will respect their privacy, and uphold their dignity. The Defined Health Care Services I & II LLCs teams will foster a warm relationship with our clients’ families, and involve them in the care planning process.

Defined Synergy Services LLC is the parent company of Defined Health Care Services I & II LLCs.


Patrick Amawhe is the group CEO/ Manager of Defined Health Services I & II LLCs in Milwaukee Area. Patrick has nearly 6 years of leadership, case management, and social services experience. Previous positions in both private and public sector include case manager, Correctional Officer, Initial Assessment Specialist, and Residential Program manager.

Patrick has respect for Education, Patrick holds BSW in Social Worker, and MS in Criminal Justice from University of Wisconsin –Milwaukee as well as Master of Science in Business Management Administration from Cardinal Stritch University – Milwaukee.

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