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Taking the First Step

The first onboarding process of Defined Health Care Services I & II LLCs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin involves an initial assessment of a client’s particular needs and preferences. From this, we would formulate an Individual Service Plans to be discussed with, and approved by, the client’s guardians, family, and case managers.

Living With Us

The program goal for each particular client will be thoroughly followed on a daily basis. To achieve this, our company takes great effort in ensuring that the facility is not understaffed.

We have at least one staff at Defied Health Care Services I LLC and two caregivers staff on duty at all times at Defined Health Care Services II LLC, and you can trust that they will provide the right care for each client based on their introductory assessments and service plans.

Our team specializes in care for elderly individuals aged 60 onwards, but we’re also trained to assist people with mental delays, or those who need wheelchair assistance.

Our Services: Holistic Day-to-Day Assistance

  • We provide double and single staffing coverage based on client's needs and contract requirements.
  • We aid residents in important personal tasks such as grooming, bathing, and dressing.
  • We help our residents through the implementation of a meticulous medication monitoring procedure.
  • We assist in laundry, meal planning and preparation, as well as cleaning chores.
  • We introduce our residents to one-on-one or group socialization (based on their individual preference and needs).
  • We arrange meaningful community work programs that they can participate in.
  • We boost our residents’ confidence and sense of self-worth by encouraging positive expression of their emotions.
  • We encourage our residents to maintain open and regular communication with their family members and friends.
  • We assist our clients through our safe transportation provisions.
  • We help our residents understand that their needs and desires are unique and dynamic; and respond to every change accordingly.
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